Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of services do you offer?
We offer many different services, which are as follows:
Assignment help and writing services
Schoolwork help and writing services
Course work help and writing services
Essay and article help and writing services
Research paper and manuscript help and writing services
Thesis and dissertation help and writing services
References/bibliography and citations checking
APA references and citations format checking
Harvard references and citations format checking
Chicago references and citations format checking
MLA references and citations format checking
Oxford references and citations format checking
Vancouver references and citations format checking
Research problem statement writing
Research objectives and questions writing
Literature review writing
Research methodology writing
Results and discussion writing
Research proposal writing
Case study help and writing services
Programming and coding help
Proofreading, editing and grammar checking services
Paraphrasing and rewriting to reduce plagiarism
Generating plagiarism and similarity index reports
Translation from English to Arabic and Arabic to English
Translation from English to any language and any language to English
Blog posts and content writing for SEO
Niche article writing for SEO
Search engine optimization articles
Web content writing
Blog writing
Web and blog copywriting
Business proposal writing
Corporate material writing
Technical report writing
Company profile writing
Company vision and mission writing
Corporate summary and analysis
Marketing plan writing
Admission essay writing
Cover letter writing
Resume writing
CV writing
Curriculum Vitae
Personal statement writing

What kind of documents do you accept?

We accept assignments, school work, homework, course work, online exams, articles, essays, research papers, journal papers, conference proceedings, academic manuscripts, PhD theses, Master theses, PhD dissertations, Master dissertations, research proposals, abstracts, extended abstracts, case studies, reports, research grant proposals, admission essays, cover letters, resumes, CVs, personal statements, blogs, online website content, company profiles, corporate material and documents, technical reports, technical manuals, marketing plans, fiction novels, non-fiction novels, books, poems, and more.

Who can use your services?

We help high school students, college students, postgraduate university students, researchers, academicians, PhD students, Master students, Bachelor degree students, book/novel authors, job applicants, businesspersons, universities, businesses, and industry experts by providing a list of many different services.

What subject areas/disciplines do you cover?

Business, Accounting, Finance, Corporate Finance, Behavioural Finance, Economics, Commerce, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Management, Computer Science, Information Technology, Database Management, Data Science and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Statistics and Probability, Mathematics, Website Design, Computer Programming, Coding, Python Programming, C, C++, C# Programming, Java Programming, MySQL Databases, NoSQL Databases, Computer Networking, Taxation and Law, Law and Legal, Business Law, Criminal Law, Migration Law, IT Management, Psychology, Project Management, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Health Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bio Engineering, Software Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Linguistics, English, Language and Culture, Anthropology, Operating Systems, Public Relations, International Relations, Education, Data Mining, MatLab, Data Structures, Database Management, SWOT Analysis, Apple SWOT, Pestle Analysis, Philips SWOT, Human Resources, Business Administration, Financial Accounting, Duffy’s Quality Caring Model, Watson’s Theory of Caring, Community Care, Ethics in Nursing, Porter Five Analysis, Strategic Marketing

What languages should my work or assignment be in?

We can assist with assignments or work in English, but we also have editors that assist with work in other languages. Please mention the language of your document in the contact form, and we would check if there is an editor available who can assist with your work in that language.

Who will write or edit my work?

We have a team of skilled writers, editors and researchers who are all native English speakers, and subject matter experts in a wide array of disciplines and background areas. We assign an editor who has a background in the same area of the topic discussed in your document. This way, they would be familiar with all the key terms in your document, and would help to write and edit in the highest quality possible. All of our editors also have multiple years of experience and serve hundreds of clients on a monthly basis.

How do I use your services?

The streamlined process is very simple. You fill out the inquiry form and upload your document. We send you a quotation with details on the payment and time of delivery. We start working on the document immediately once the payment is received. You sit back, relax and receive the work before your deadline!

What payment options do you offer?

We accept payment via Credit Card or PayPal.

Do you offer free samples?

Sure! We can send a 300 word page and work on that as a sample/preview of our work.

Do you offer free revision?

Sure! Free revision is available by the same editor within exactly seven days from the time of delivery.


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